house concerts

In 2018 I am embarking on a solo tour that will span Australia, USA, & Europe. I hope this will be the beginning of a great adventure!

I am looking forward to performing at as many house concerts as possible - I think it's a great way to meet new friends, visit old friends, and to share my music. Please find the details of upcoming House Concerts below.... and if you would like to host a show at your place or a space in your city, town, or neighbourhood, please be in touch at - I would love to come by!

All House Concerts are entry by donation as I want as many people to come as want to!


APRIL 7, 2018


I have never been to Crescent Head, but I have needed to go for many years! And, now I am getting to travel up that famous piece of coast from Sydney to Brisbane and visit my old friend Pip! I met Pip on a Top Deck tour in .... well, let's just say a long time ago, the summer I turned 21 ;) We traveled together on a bus on a 6 week tour of Spain, Portugal & Morocco - a 6-week camping bus tour. Let me just say that you end up with some pretty close ties by the end of a trip like that, and Pip & I have stayed in touch over the years and I am excited to visit her in her home town. Hopefully there won't be a repeat of my actual 21st birthday, which is on the first day of the running of the bulls, and that particular year involved copious amounts of sangria. Too much for me. I also vaguely remember everyone making me sing on the bus, which I think I would still feel a little shy to do.... ! 

But, what I won't be shy about is visiting Crescent Head and singing for everyone who wants to come along. The venue is still being sorted out, but we think it'll be in the community hall. Stay tuned. It's happening! (Or, if anyone has a bus.... )! 

Reserve your spot by donating! (Suggested donation $20. Venue will be announced asap). 


APRIL 18, 2018


I love 'down south' ! It's a place I've been visiting since I was a kid, and somewhere that always recharges my spirit - much like the whole of Western Australia really! But, there's something special about the South-West region, and I am looking very forward to putting on a concert in Busselton. 

My friends Jo & Morgan are hosting me. I went to high school with them both - Scarborough SHS, and we were all present for numerous 'band camps' - Morgan & I in Concert Band, Jo in Guitar Ensemble. I actually feel a bit nervous to play guitar in front of Jo ;) 

I haven't seen them both in a really long time, and I am glad that I'll be able to stop and share in a slice of their life, meet their kids, and be in Busso. They are great people, and being music players and lovers themselves, are super gracious in hosting me to play at their place. 

I hope you'll swing by and meet them and see the show!

Reserve your spot by donating. (Suggested donation $20. Address will be supplied upon reservation of ticket).




My hometown. Well, one of them! I was born in Perth, and started kindergarten and finished high school there. The in-between years saw me living in a few different WA towns, and also in Bali, - but Perth is always where I am 'from'. I grew up mostly on the coast, City Beach, Scarborough, and mostly, Sorrento. I went to Sorrento Primary School majority of primary school, and our motto 'Be True' has haunted me my whole life. Whenever I am confused about what I am doing, I just hear this 'Be True' pop into my head. Then a seagull flies by in my mind's eye... ! 

I also went to Uni in Perth. I did half an English & Art degree before they finally accepted me at WAAPA. I desperately wanted to go to the jazz program, but played classical trumpet my entire life, and kept getting rejected. After the 2nd rejection, I went back the following year and auditioned on voice, and got in. Singing chose me...!

It was at WAAPA that I met my dearest Jodie Tes, a beautiful and talented musician and writer - who is hosting this concert at her place in Freo. We could chat a lot about how Freo isn't really Perth, and I hear it... Freo is always where I wished I was from :) When you don't live in Perth anymore, can you claim Freo as your own? (Do I have to go for the Dockers?). 

I am definitely gonna see if Jodie will sing with me!

Reserve your spot by donating. (Suggested donation $20. Address will be supplied upon reservation of ticket).




Gero! Before I ever went there (which was when I was 16) I had read Merry Go Round In The Sea by Randolf Stow, and so when I finally went I got to see it through the lens of a beautifully written Australian classic. And, what I can never get over is those weary bent over trees in Greenough, as you drive into Geraldton. They are so poetic and beautiful, and they always remind me of the strength of nature, the bending to forces outside of control and still flourishing regardless. I think they're also nicknamed the ladies washing their hair? (Oh - I just looked that up, it's from MGRITS, haha!!). 

My dear friends Rochelle & Noddy are hosting a house concert in their home in Geraldton (which I hear has pretty amazing views!). They are both from Gero, and I met and worked with Rochelle in Perth just after I finished Uni. She is such a beautiful and friendly spirit and she just scooped me up into her life, inviting me over for dinner often, where we'd laugh and giggle the night away. She moved back to Geraldton and ended up marrying her high school best friend (and crush!), Noddy, and I love seeing them together! 

ALSO, BIG NEWS, this gig is on Rochelle's BIRTHDAY! So, now there's double excuse to come! 

Reserve your spot by donating. (Suggested donation $20. Address will be supplied upon reservation of ticket).